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Below is a list of the top Beep Test Combine participants.

The Beep Test Protocol 

  1. The Beep Test is performed over a distance of 20-meters; this distance is marked out with two cones or two lines (e.g. marked with chalk or tape) which are placed exactly 20-meters apart.
  2. There are 21-levels on the full beep test and each level has a set amount of stages to complete. The higher the level the greater the number of stages to complete e.g. Level -1 has 7 stages, level -11 has 12 stages and the final level -21 has 16 stages. Each level goes for approximately 1-minute. Each increase in level is accompanied by an increase in the beep tempo (beeps get closer together). The test starts at 8.5 km/hr (level-1) and increases by 0.5km/hr at each level The supplied soundtrack will take you to Level 7, Stage 5.
  3. Your end score will be based on the amount of stages you were able to complete. If, for example at Level -7 you were able to complete 8 Stages, your final test score would be 7/8.
  4. “THE ACTUAL TEST” The participant turns their “Beep Test” on and positions themselves adjacent to one of the cones. The participant then starts on the starter’s command and must continually touch the opposite cone (or place any part of a foot on the marked line), keeping in tempo with the beeps.
  5. Once the participant is unable to get to the next cone before the scheduled beep, the test then continues for one more beep/cone, if the participant is successful in playing “catch up” and can reach the next cone before the next beep, then the test continues, however if the participant fails two consecutive beeps/cones, then the test ends and their final score reverts back to the last successful cone attempt.


NameAgePlayer Height (in)PositionAffiliationsBeep TestHighlights
Remi Rukundo19
CMRionero FC12.04
Jp Mapanao16
CMEdmonton Strikers12.04
Sean MacInnes19
DFRionero FC11.01
Isiah Kabue16
STEdmonton Strikers10.09
Lucas Clarke16
CMEdmonton Strikers10.04
Josh Coulson16
DFSt Albert Impact10.04
Tarik Aissiou16
RWEdmonton Strikers10
Tyler Gilmore16
RMEdmonton Strikers9.11
Peter Moschgat16
STEdmonton Strikers9.04
Jordan Newton16
DFEdmonton Strikers9.01




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