What Capital-SP is all about.

Capital SP is a new and exciting soccer program based out of Stony Plain/ Spruce Grove that aims to prepare and equip each player with the necessary skills to complete and thrive at the highest level. With the help and guidance of our CSP coaches, we can help you take your talents, abilities and overall game to the next level.

Most youth on average experience a couple of training sessions a week plus a game. During the indoor season this ranges from 60 - 90 minutes and maybe a little more for the few months we are outdoor; team coaches find themselves having to split that small amount of time going over the technical and fitness aspects of the game, plus playing as a team.

Capital-SP suggests that these are a standard that every player should know and can be "Contracted Out" to a third party, thus allowing the few hours a week they do have to concentrate on team play. Let Capital-SP take care of the basics up to your desired level as a group or as an individual. Leave your team time to be a team by bringing the necessary skill sets to be that effective player.

Our main services we provide currently are:

  • 1 on 1 Elite training
  • Small group sessions
  • Team technical sessions
  • Strength & Conditioning training
  • Goalkeeping training sessions

If you want to start training with Capital SP, sign up today and we look forward to welcoming you and working with you achieve your goals! We strive to create positive environments for young people to build character and a desire to achieve greatness in whatever they pursue.

Be pro-active in utilizing external training methods by increasing touches on the ball to fitness. This is just one way Capital-SP intends to offer alternative approaches to allow us the opportunity to be the best that we can be!