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What Capital-SP is all about.

Capital SP is a new and exciting soccer program based out of Parkland County (Spruce Grove/Stony Plain) that aims to prepare and equip each player with the necessary skills to complete and thrive at the highest level.

Most youth on average experience a couple of training sessions a week plus a game. During the indoor season this ranges from 60 - 90 minutes and maybe a little more for the few months we are outdoor; team coaches find themselves having to split that small amount of time going over the technical and fitness aspects of the game, plus playing as a team.


Our Services

Soccer/Football/Futsal Training from beginner to pro...

Covering all areas of the beautiful game, that will allow any level and all ages of participants to enjoy and learn the intricacies of how to play and take part in the sport.



Agility, Balance,
Co-ordination & Speed

Our goal is to provide
the highest levels of
quality soccer training
for players.

Enhancing their social/emotional and
physical health, in a POSITIVE, SAFE
and FUN environment.


Improve your personal performance.

With the help and guidance of our CSP coaches, we can help you take your talents, abilities and overall game to the next level.

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