Capital SP also provide additional programs specifically designed for Homeschoolers. These programs are held during the day based on 6 - 8 weekly sessions throughout the year.

Currently we host here at Capital SP we offer the following event based activities.


With focus on technical ABC's and personal development, these sessions will improve your child’s ability in each of the sport’s they are likely to participate in. It is not only fun, but a good opportunity for your child to meet new people and build friendships in a fun, safe environment.

Fundamentals are the core exercises that make up the foundation for all other skills in the technical, physical, psychological and leadership parts of the game.

Every sport has fundamental exercises and skills that if you master will help you more than anything else in becoming a player of the highest quality or just for fun. They include passing, shooting, dribbling, to name a few.

New to the sport, or need a quick refresh about the basics of rugby? From how to tackle, pass, positions to point systems, we cover it with Rugby fundamentals

  • Take the physicality of football, but leave out the pads, helmets and the constant stoppage of gameplay.
  • Take the flowing grace of soccer, but add in the sheer power needed to drive the ball across the pitch.
  • Take the constant ball exchange of basketball, but add multiple ways to score points.
  • Take the intensity of hockey, but add mutual respect amongst all players and refs.
  • To sum it all up, Winston Churchill once famously said “Rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen.“